Interesting RTD Discussion

In the wake of the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who ending for viewers as of New Year’s Day, a fascinating discussion has opened up on concerning The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter and various opinions on RTD’s scripts.

Now, this isn’t your regular online ming mong flaming session – regulars are a discerning, intelligent bunch and in the comments to Charlie Jane Ander’s review of The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter there are several smaller discussions about the wonder (or lack of) various Russell T Davies scripts since 2005.

I don’t think any writer in the entire history of Doctor Who has provoked such a division as RTD. He’s no Pip and Jane Baker, but neither is Russell T Davies Bob Holmes, Steven Moffat or Paul Cornell. Perhaps fellow Welshman Terry Nation is the best comparison for Davies?

If we can divorce his scripts from any emotional attachment along with his driving power to get Doctor Who back on air in 2005, the thoughts and opinions of the many commenters on can be extremely informative.

Look out for a retrospective, reappriasal era of RTDs Doctor Who work in the future (possibly even involving some sort of BFI sponsored Q&A with the man himself)  – I think there’s very likely to be a considerable number of books written about this very subject over the coming years.


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