New Doctor Who is Coming

If you’ve been ogling the David Tennant/Matt Smith picture accompanying this article for a few days, you might be interested to know that it features on two new images from the BBC to promote the regeneration of the character and series of Doctor Who.

Make no mistake – the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who is coming to get you, and whatever the misgivings of short-sighted David Tennant fans, the TARDIS is ready to take us all on a new set of adventures later this year.

While the dates are yet to be announced, it’s too early to say precisely when Doctor Who will return – there’s a FIFA World Cup competition to consider for starters.

Thanks to some reasoned determination by Kasterborous contributor Gareth Kavanagh, any of these dates and scenarios could be the one:

• Early March (say, March 6th to allow a “Eurovision friendly” 14 week run to have everything wrapped up 1 week before the World Cup); or
• Easter Saturday (4th April), weaving our way around the World Cup in the latter stages; or
• Easter Saturday, with a mid season break (unlikely, as dramatically I’d have assumed this would have to be planned for like the US series)

March 6th would represent the earliest date since 2005, when Rose aired on March 26th – this is of course all speculation, and we’ll keep you informed along the way…


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