Thank You, David!

We’ll be devoting a few pages to David Tennant and the Tenth Doctor in the coming weeks, but right now the Kasterborous team just want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for 5 years of Doctor Who.

From the closing moments of The Parting of the Ways, through the “Pudsey Cutaway” and into we’ve enjoyed the bouncing, grinning, cheerful Doctor that hid a dark, vengeful soul as demonstrated in The Christmas InvasionHuman Nature.

With a series of great companions like Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness and Donna Noble, the Tenth Doctor has become larger than life thanks to David Tennant’s myriad public appearances and an embracing of Doctor Who in a way that hasn’t been seen the halcyon days of Tom Baker; it can be no coincidence that David was voted the most popular Doctor in Doctor Who Magazine in 2009.

We’ve been reporting Doctor Who news for 5 years now, and recall the announcement of Tennant’s casting (following the furore of Christopher Eccleston’s single season) with some fondness – here was an actor on the up, fresh from a successful Russell T Davies production of Casanova and several years of bit parts, guesting roles and appearances in Big Finish audios whose career was about to be sent into the stratosphere with an unforgettable interpretation of the last Time Lord.

Most importantly it is David’s success as the Doctor that has seen the series regularly appearing in weekly Top 10 audience figures, becoming a smash hit at Christmas and it is the same high profile that the show has gained while he has been the flying the TARDIS that has seen the past 14 months of Doctor Who being lite on episodes and high on public attention.

Without David Tennant we would have much less to write about, much less to be proud of.

Instead, in one of the longest running Doctors, we have a new generation of Doctor Who fans that love the show, the Tenth Doctor, his suit, his hair and his “allons-y!”

So for the laughs, the tears, the action and the two regenerations – we thank you, David Tennant!



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