The Fourth Doctor and Davros Statue

The Doctor and Davros from Weta
Released as a limited edition of 900, the Doctor and Davros collectable from Weta illustrates a superb scene from the 1975 classic Genesis of the Daleks.

The statue has dimensions of 12 1/5″ W x 13 4/5″ D x 11″ H, and is sculpted by Weta Workshop’s Eden Small, Daniel Cockersell and David Tremont. If you don’t know, Weta are the company behind some of the most remarkable model and prop work that featured in the Lord of the Rings films – namely the realistic chainmail worn by the principle cast and hundreds of extras (constructed from 7 miles of PVC piping!) and some of the locations, such as the jaw-dropping city of Minas Tirith in the final movie of the trilogy, The Return of the King.

With such a pedigree, you would expect nothing less than perfection from Weta – and the Fourth Doctor and Davros statue is perfect.

From the moment of opening the box to slotting the Fourth Doctor statue into place in the heavy, solid base alongside the attached Davros, the quality of the design and build – not to mention the amazing detail – is clear for all to see.
Davros chair detail
I’ve spent considerable time admiring this piece of work, with the following observations:

The Doctor’s face – caught in a moment of anger, the Doctor’s frustration is etched into his face. It’s a great moment when you turn the statue to look directly at the kneeling Fourth Doctor.

Davros’ chair – from the perfect “Dalek hemispheres” to the accurate reproduction of his switches and controllers, this is a faithful reproduction of the original Davros, all the way down to the back of the chair. The “grille” texture of the control panel is also reproduced.

The Doctor’s trousers – somehow Weta have reproduced the texture of the Fourth Doctor’s grey trousers, even seemingly including the dust that he’s picked up in on the floor of his cell.

Davros head detailDavros’ head – from the eyeless sockets to the blue crest holding the insane genius’ electronic sensory equipment in place, this is the most realistic figurine of the creator of the Daleks you’re ever likely to see. With coiled wire attached around his head and even a fine mouthpiece, evidently Weta’s talent extends beyond statues and into filigree.

Perfect for display amongst any collection of Doctor Who memorabilia, the Doctor and Davros statue can also sit alongside any other type of ornament without looking out of place; such is the quality of the build.

While these statues are not cheap, they are very desirable pieces, and with a total run of just 900, are likely to be very sought after items in years to come. Weta have warehouses in the UK (in Sussex) and the United States as well as in their home country of New Zealand, and will always ship from the one closest to you.

If you’re a fan of Genesis of the Daleks, the Fourth Doctor or just beautifully crafted Doctor Who merchandise like this, I can’t recommend this statue highly enough!

Available for £139, visit for ordering and other details – note that international shipping is available on this and other items from Weta.


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