This Week in #doctorwho

No Twitter account?? Don’t worry – everything of interest that happens in the Doctor Who Twittersphere is featured here on our new weekly feature!

Following the hashtag #doctorwho over the previous 7 days, this is a surprisingly informative new feature that opens up a world full of new links – for instance, Digital Spy have published a list of all Doctor Who awards since 2005, but is it a definitive list?

Earlier this week, there were discussions about the quality of the packaging for The Complete Specials DVD as well as suggestions that some packs were missing discs or episodes, resulting in a quiet recall. We haven’t had any formal notice of this however – it could be that retailers that are short of the DVD box sets are genuinely awaiting new stock.

Fans of classic Doctor Who might be interested in this (frankly barking mad) new version of 1989’s Ghost Light. The adventure has been screencapped, with “text speak” as the youngsters call it added as a modern narrative device. Unsurprisingly it still doesn’t make any sense, but at least now there’s a good reason why.

Regular updates occur on Twitter whenever there is any new location filming thanks to @drwholocations, using the hashtag search device #dwsr. However, they seem to have skipped this one from @samanthachisnal…

samanthachisnal: Apparently #doctorwho were filming in friend of a friend’s living room in Penarth yesterday again. Not quite a #dwsr

Not quite, but I reckon good enough, frankly!

Twitter is also a great place for facts and figure – I regularly take note of @jarawear’s wise updates, but I may start following @WHOFAX simply on the basis of this gem:

WHOFAX: The Eighth Doctor’s first kiss was with the woman who’d just killed him earlier, proving that Gallifreyan flirting is a bit odd. #DoctorWho

Of course, much of the chat in Twitter this week has been about “Torchwood US” and the National Television Awards, while more of the idle stuff includes speculation that the Conservative political party are in fact Time Lords, whether Adric actor Matthew Waterhouse should live in a houseboat for sematic karma, and even Doctor Who season 30 marathons with the tag #ilovedonna.

To close with, we’ll offer this

Lionesskeeper: That Matt Smith regeneration doll still looks like someone just got the surplus amount of DT models and replaced the heads #DoctorWho

although it could be contended that in the long tradition of Doctor Who figures looking like other people (the Gareth Hunt Fourth Doctor, for instance, or the Phil Collinson Ninth Doctor) the Eleventh Doctor toy more than slightly resembles Russell Tovey…


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