Torchwood US Reaction

John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood: Children of Earth

Reaction to news of a US production of Torchwood (by Fox, no less) has been decidedly mixed, with many online fans unhappy and more vocal ones with their own blogs quite literally “kicking off”.

An example is MaryAnn Johanson at FlickFilosopher who quite rightly points out that Fox can’t exactly be trusted with a British property, regardless of who else is on board.

No: this is not comforting. BBC folks were involved in the ridiculous 1996 Fox TV attempted American reboot of Doctor Who, and that didn’t make it suck any less.

What is the point of this? What the **** is the point? Just make more Torchwood at the BBC, Davies, which at least has demonstrated that it knows how to do it right.

It’s more than a fair point. As much as Kasterborous loves the Eighth Doctor, Grace Holloway and even on a good day the Eric Roberts Master, denying that the 1996 Paul McGann starring TV Movie was anything but a hotch potch of ideas is a waste of time. There are some great moments in it – but it just doesn’t make sense.

We’re wondering at Kasterborous just what a move to America would mean for the shows stars – would they even be available? Presumably the pull of the USA would be attractive to John Barrowman who spent a lot of time growing up in the States – but whatabout new mother Eve Myles?

Would Eve Myles appear in a US Torchwood?

Meanwhile, The Torchwood Institute is more positive about the Fox network co-producing and airing a potential fourth series of the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness (bearing in mind that this is still a rumour and you can’t have Torchwood without him), as well as realistic.

And honestly, I’d so much rather have an American Torchwood than an American Doctor Who remake. Which is something that really does scare me, after all. Especially if it is one not also trying to serve the UK market, which the 1996 TV movie did.

I really don’t have a massive opinion about it. After all, it’s a genre show on FOX — it will get canceled after at most a dozen episodes anyways.

Television Without Pity puts together the best argument for and against such a production, also taking time to point out that serial flirter Harkness will be doing a lot less flirting if the show airs on the conservative TV network.

Con: Probably Less Gay
Captain Jack isn’t just gay or bisexual, he’s omnisexual (meaning that he’ll have sex with men, women and aliens), which is another one of the great things about Torchwood. He’s an equal opportunity flirter. But I have a hard time believing that network TV will air all the steamy scenes, especially if they involve two men, one of whom one is the show’s leading man. (Though if American broadcasters are finally ready to deal with the realities of human relationships, how great would it be if it was Torchwood that busted down that door?)

Finally, the Guardian also have a bash at being in favour of Torchwood US, only to drop the ball with the realization that Life on Mars and The Office weren’t exactly great (although both were initially well received).

You only have to look at the negative response to news of the US Being Human on the BBC blog to see how cross people get. But here’s the thing – far from being a remake, this American adventure will be Torchwood 4 proper. And with UK talent and US money, we could just be looking at the best of both worlds.

Until the rumour is clarified once and for all, this topic looks set to rumble on – if there is to be life for Jack and Torchwood, wouldn’t it be best to breathe life into the show with a partner whose track record with genre shows isn’t akin to Darth Vader’s imperial fleet commanders? Or will the influence of Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner win through?


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