Frazer Hines Chats

Frazer Hines chatsFormer Doctor Who companion Frazer Hines – Jamie McCrimmon himself – spoke to The Peverett Phile recently as part of promotion of the new edition of his autobiography, Hines Sight.

It’s quite a long interview, you’ll be pleased to know and with plenty in it, so we won’t spoil too much of it here – however as always there is a favourite bit:

Although it was a children’s programme it was very prestigious and well thought of. I had seen several episodes of the show because, being a red-blooded young man, I found Maureen O’Brien very attractive! Innes Lloyd, the producer at the time, was a lovely man. I remember when we talked that first time he was puffing on a pipe the whole time.

‘Hallo, Frazer old boy,’ he said. ‘Sean Sutton told me I should have a look at you. We’re doing a four-episode story concerning Highlanders, and Sean tells me you’re very handy with a Scots’ accent.’

‘I am half Scots,’ I explained, and then asked if he would like me to read for the part. ‘No, that’ll be all right,’ he said

Shortly after, Frazer was cast as Jamie, and the rest of course is history. The interview is good fun and features mentions of Big Finish, Frazer’s book, TV series Emmerdale (which Hines was once a main character in) and his “pop career”…

Don’t forget – Hines Sight, is currently available for £25.00 (plus p&p) – signed copies can be purchased from!


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