James Corden – Stunt Casting?

James Corden in Doctor Who?Larger than life comedy actor James Corden – writer and star of the inexplicably popular yet unfunny drama Gavin and Stacy – has apparently been cast in Doctor Who, according to reports today.

As casting leaks go, this is disappointing. I’ll be honest, I’m hype proof – if I sit down to watch a TV show I expect it to live up to the expectation, and if it doesn’t, I won’t waste my time again. There is no excuse for not making every episode of a series the best – and if you’re describing yourself as a comedy, you had better have some laughs in store.

Gavin and Stacy has no laughs. If it has any they’ve been shipped in from Only Fools and Horses, and I’ve seen that already. So getting excited about an under-performing writer and star of his own show guesting in Doctor Who isn’t a winner as far as Kasterborous is concerned.

If Corden has been cast based on the popularity of Gavin and Stacey, then perhaps The Grand Moff has dropped the ball with this one. However, as I’ve been reminded about his wonderful performance in The History Boys, Corden is an actor for whom “celebrity” has possibly overshadowed actual talent.

According to a Doctor Who production team insider:

“We normally keep our guest stars under wraps but you can’t hide a bloke like James.

“And now he’s not coming to Wales for Gavin & Stacey anymore, it’s pretty obvious why he is here. James loves coming to Wales. And it gives him a chance to meet up with Ruth Jones, who co-wrote Gavin and Stacey with him and starred as Nessa.”

The source added: “We’re just delighted to have James on board. He is a great actor and he’ll be a perfect fit for the new Doctor Who.”

He’s a great actor? Like McKellen and Jacobi?

Seriously? I would argue that he’s a good actor who has been fortunate with his career.

Still, he’s very friendly with Sheridan Smith, so respect to the lad.


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