No More Jack in Doctor Who?

Appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week, John Barrowman revealed that he doesn’t expect to be returning to Doctor Who at any time in the future.

Captain Jack Harkness’ last appearance in Doctor Who was in the final stages of The End of Time as the Tenth Doctor paid a visit to a space bar and hooked Jack up with Voyage of the Damned‘s Midshipman Alonso Frame. This was a down in the dumps, post-Children of Earth Jack Harkness – and the man who plays him reckons his time on Doctor Who is now closed.

Speaking about appearing with Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, Barrowman said:

I did get to meet him once; we were doing some BBC publicity for Torchwood and he was being introduced to the PR department at the BBC, because he was getting briefed on what he’s got to do and how his life is going to change. And he did say to me how “I’d love for our characters’ paths to cross”.

I kind of think, with David finishing, Captain Jack might be done in the Doctor Who series. That’s my feelings on it, but if they ask me to come back of course I would go back – I would go back in a second!

Here’s an idea – make former Time Agent Jack Harkness a new villain for the Doctor, thereby explaining the “missing two years” of his life that he referred to in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and has ever since seemed somewhat unconcerned by.

I mean, if you lost two years of your life, then woke up a few months later to find you were immortal, you’d be even more determined to find out what had happened, wouldn’t you…?

(Quote via GallifreyNewsBase)


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