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Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor in Time CrashFormer Doctor Who star Peter Davison made an appearance on the inexplicable Alan Titchmarsh Show this week, mainly as promotion for his role in the West End production of Legally Blonde – but with the obligatory TARDIS themed questioning.

With an accompanying clip from 1983’s Mawdryn Undead, Davison was asked about the age-old rumour of a modern day “past Doctors reunion story”.

I’ve not heard anything about it, I doubt that it would happen. I mean, there aren’t that many of us left, you see! And what would have to happen, they’d have to get replacements, people that looked a bit like the characters who are no longer with us … I just don’t see it happening – I mean I wouldn’t rule it out absolutely, but I can’t imagine.

Of course, David Tennant doesn’t have this problem – should he ever return in the future, his ageing can be explained by him being the alt. universe Doctor…

He’s got the best deal in Doctor Who … there is a version of his Doctor that is actually ageing on Earth, because there were two of them – a sort of clone – so he can be brought back at any time. It’s a brilliant deal! I have to try and look thirty years younger, but he’ll be absolutely fine!

Legally Blonde is currently playing to packed houses every evening at the Savoy Theatre in London and stars Sheridan Smith (Big Finish’ Eighth Doctor companion Lucie Miller) as Elle, with Davison playing Professor Callahan.

(Quotes via GallifreyNewsBase)


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