Spoilers, Speculations and Rumours

Matt Smith in the Doctor's old clothesio9.com have been mining the GallifreyBase forum again, this time dragging a load of quite heavy Doctor Who spoilers into the public domain.

The Eleventh Doctor era – series 31 of Doctor Who – kicks off in just a few weeks time as Matt Smith and Karen Gillan take a new look TARDIS on travels through time and space under the watchful eye of new showrunner Steven Moffat.

We’re going to steer away from the stuff concerning the final episodes of Doctor Who 2010 for the time being – who knows what information will be officially released in a few weeks time? – and stick instead with some interesting details.

For instance, apparently in the first episode we discover thathttp://www.kasterborous.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/WPKasterborous/images/dw-11thdr-rips-small.jpg “Amy” is short for “Amelia”, which lets face it is a lovely name. Why shorten it?

The Daleks appearing in Victory of the Daleks are known to the British as “Ironclads”

In the adventure that features the Silurians (introduced in 1970s The Silurians and last seen in 1984’s Warriors of the Deep), we will see two levels of their society as well as (perhaps) a Silurian senate.

Want more? Well you can’t have it! Behave yourself and wait (or click the link at the top of this item)!


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