What Price a Dalek?

You’ll find a great article at ThisIsMoney.co.uk today in advance of the Bonhams auction of Doctor Who costumes and props from the last 40 years concerning the value of a Dalek – and whether such an investment is a wise one.

Imperial Dalek set to be sold at auctionThe auction takes place from 2pm this afternoon, with two Daleks from 1989’s Remembrance of the Daleks, a Dalek Controller chair and the Dalek teleport prop all set to be snapped up. To date, the record price paid for a Dalek was £36,000 – this was at Bonhams in 2005, and 20 or so years earlier the same prop had fetched £4,600.

Dalek props seem to be particularly rare, not least because of the poor construction methods used throughout the original series’ run (as seen here), but equally as difficult to find – and as a result expensive – are Dalek toys.

We’ve featured a couple of sales of the very rare PVC Dalek playsuits over the last five years – these are particularly hard to find as most of the stock was exterminated in a factory fire. There are alternatives however – these won’t be turning up in todays auction, of course, but do appear in other auctions both online and offline from time to time…

Among the favourites was the 1965 clockwork Dalek made by Cowan De Groot, which cost 16s 5d (82p). These often fell apart when played with, so surviving examples are rare and can fetch £600 if still in a box.

Other Sixties toys include model Daleks by Cherilea with interchangeable heads that once sold for a shilling (5p), but now change hands for at least £100. The colourful Louis Marx friction-drive Dalek toys, meanwhile, can sell for £400 if still in their box.

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