Amy Pond – Not Just a Companion

Karen Gillan is Amy Pond in new Doctor Who, April 3rd, BBC OneDigital Spy have interviewed Karen Gillan, the actress who is set to become a Saturday evening TV star as the Doctor’s companion equal, Amy Pond in the new Doctor Who in April.

Amy is absolutely in no way at all the Doctor’s “companion”, says Gillan.

“She’s a person in her own right – she’s not just the Doctor’s companion, she’s Amy Pond – and I think he needs her as much as she needs him. It’s a very equal relationship.”

Which is a relief – I used to hate all of those scenes in which the Tenth Doctor would put his hand up Martha’s back and do her voice.

Seriously though – it will be interesting to see how the new Doctor deals with an earth girl who won’t be pushed around. She might sound a lot like predecessor Donna Nobile in some ways, but it seems likely Amy Pond has a more adventurous streak to her. Which might be where her choice of  policewoman attire comes into the plot of The Eleventh Hour

“Amy has to do lots of things to ensure her and the Doctor are successful in their missions so perhaps that was one of the things she needed to do…”

She’s not giving anything away – and why should she? UK viewers can tune into BBC One in just a couple of weeks time to see Karen Gillan and Matt Smith as Amy Pond and the Doctor!


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