Auction Remembrance

DalekThe recent Bonham’s auction of a massive collection of Doctor Who costumes, set components and props certainly caught the imagination of the media – Digital Spy have  provided a full retrospective article of the event.

While not including a full summary of sales, the article takes a supposedly humourous look at the day with the odd pithy comment thrown in to try and amuse.

Most interesting about the event is the breadth of the lots – stuff from the recent series rubbing shoulders with classic series material.

For instance, while a white and gold Imperial Dalek from Remembrance Of The Daleks was sold for £15,600 and a complete Cyberman costume from Silver Nemesis went for £9,600, it cost £3,120 for Kylie’s waitress outfit from Voyage of the Damned – less than the £3,360 paid for Sarah Sutton’s Nyssa outfit from 1982’s Castrovalva!

Probably the lot with the least impressive value however was the comparative bargain of the Torchwood SUV:

“..this flashy Land Rover came equipped with a valid MOT and no doubt plenty of suspicious stains from Captain Jack’s activities in the back seat over the years. Sold for £18,000, the proud owner can now pretend to be the reincarnation of Ianto Jones and cruise around Cardiff picking up pizza for his colleagues.”

Oh and one more thing – a film from The One Show previewing the auction!


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