Dressing up with Doctor Who

Matt Smith in SFXSpeaking to SFX (the newly released  issue 194 with the superb lenticular cover) new Doctor Who star Matt Smith revealed that his look as the Doctor is one that will “constantly eveolve” – just as well, given he successfully talked Steven Moffat out of dressing him like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Matt Smith continues to impress in interviews – other than throwing himself into some of the classic Doctor Who (such as Tomb of the Cybermen) since he was cast, his knowledge of the series is limited, yet he always seems to say the right thing.

He’s keen that the Eleventh Doctor doesn’t have a costume, for instance.

“What’s interesting about this particular Doctor’s look is that it’s going to constantly evolve,” he said. “Steven [Moffat] is very keen that he’s a man who gets up in the morning and wears clothes because it’s cold.”

“As always with this show you’re dealing with history, and you go, ‘Oh, I can’t have a scarf because Tom Baker had a scarf, I can’t have a pair of converse…’ but I’m pleased, because the costume has come out of my personality, and it feels right on my body and my frame.”

“He’s not only defined by one thing. If you look at every Doctor, every Doctor has something, and I have a bow tie.

Some fans have decried the look of the new Doctor as being cliched or obvious – even Steven Moffat acknowledges that the Eleventh Doctor appears to be dressed in a way someone who doesn’t really know the show might expect him to be dressed – but look at it this way.

Matt Smith is evidently extremely comfortable with this look in contrast to the “pirate look” that he was apparently unhappy with. Given that he isn’t decked out in question marks, I think we’ve got a good deal here…

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