Game of Poolside

In the new Radio Times, Eleventh Doctor Who Matt Smith reveals that he wouldn’t mind a crack at Hollywood…

Matt Smith, the Eleventh DoctorWhile his predecessor David Tennant continues to be linked to major movies (while he’s not dropping out of them) and Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston has a burgeoning Hollywood resume (most recently being one of the few good things in GI Joe), it would seem sensible for the man who is likely to be one of the most famous faces in Britain this time next week to consider having a go at life in California.

“Why the hell not?” he said. “I could do with a bit of poolside. I’d take my mum – she’d love it.”

However Smith adds that for now he is happy in the TARDIS:

“I feel very safe, literally safe, in the TARDIS.”

Bearing in mind it drags him through tiem and space, it’s just as well. You’d hate to be in an unsafe timeship.


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