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Amy Pond - sexy, and played by Karen GillanA bastion of Olde Englande, morality and sympathising with fascists, the Daily Mail has a unique place in British culture – just like Doctor Who.

But while Doctor Who is generally loved and appreciated, the Daily Mail is largely ridiculed – and columnists like Allison Pearson don’t exactly help matters. This week, she took umbrage with Amy Pond’s mini skirt.

“Initially, they wanted me in trousers, just because of the practicality of running around,’ explains Karen.

‘But I wanted the miniskirt because I think it really suits Amy’s sassy character.’ Matt Smith describes her as ‘the sexiest companion that’s ever lived’.

Now, this statement on Karen Gillan’s interpretation of Amy Pond has got Allison Pearson of the Daily Mail a little mixed up. She has reacted with the most insane response:

Since when was Doctor Who’s assistant supposed to be sexy? They’re meant to be one of the boys, running around saving distant worlds.

Is it too much to ask that family TV remains the one universe yet to be invaded by nuts magazine?

Zoe Heriot's arse

Presumable Ms. Pearson has never seen Doctor Who. If she has, she certainly hasn’t seen Michelle Ryan in a catsuit, Lalla Ward in a school girl outfit, Billie Piper in a tight Union Flag t-shirt, Freema Agyeman in anything, Mary Tamm in a furry white “ice queen” outfit, Katy Manning in most of her outfits as Jo Grant… or even the classic Wendy Padbury as Zoe Heriot, with a tight, glittery catsuit clinging to her shapely rear while she clings to the TARDIS console (above).

In fact, Ms. Pearson, could you be so good as to accept this Hack of the Week award, and perhaps stick to writing about what you know?


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