Hadoke on UNIT Dating

Doctor Who superfan Toby Hadoke on fitness and UNIT datingStar and writer of Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, Toby Hadoke, has spoken to My Big Fat Geek Running recently, discussing both his favourite TV show and the subject of keeping fit.

Of course, information about how Hadoke’s apparently physically fit spouse is vital on a blog like My Big Fat Geek Running – and it’s rgeat to hear that he’s cutting down on cheese and peanuts, has a heavy bag and occasionally runs to the door to pickup DVDs from Play.com.

But we really want to know about his thoughts on how the Brigadier retired from UNIT in 1977 when most UNIT stories in classic Doctor Who are supposedly set in the 1980s…

He was working under cover in 1977 as there was a spate of intriguing grown-up schoolboys being admitted to posh educational establishments my a mysterious solicitor. After his encounter with himself, he lost his memory and forgot about his mission. UNIT didn’t notice because there was an extremely long rugby match on the telly which distracted everyone.

The ending to this rather spiffing explanation is best left to the originaing website – head on over to My Big Fat Geek Running to read it…


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