I’m Ginger!

Karen Gillan!In her recent interview and modelling shoot in the fashion magazine InStyle, Karen Gillan has revealed that while the Eleventh Doctor might not be ginger, she certainly is – and the new Doctor Who companion was once bullied over the colour of her hair.

As we know, hair colour is hair colour – some of us are blonde, others red, some jet black, while others have varying shades of brown. We’re all different, and this sort of petty hair prejudice is ridiculous.

Yet it happens, daily, and has done for years.

‘I got teased for being a redhead when I was younger, which is strange because I’m Scottish and there are loads of us – we should unite forces! I love my red hair.’

Worryingly, Karen attempted to avoid the jibes by dyeing her her – but the parents of the future Amy Pond weren’t impressed.

‘My parents went mental. I had it for a good few months. That’s my biggest fashion faux pas to date.’

Karen Gillan is clearly absolutely gorgeous – I suspect the bullies aren’t.


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