Merging Series

Steven Moffat - The Grand MoffSFX’s online interview with new Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat continues today, with Daleks, Weeping Angels and returning friends and foes the topic of the day.

It is a fascinating read, complete with what could be construed as a dig (and not the first) at the previous regime’s habit of bringing back the same characters over and over again.

The interview also provides a clear feeling Moffat’s Doctor Who being a “new start” in terms of classic monsters and characters being brought back.

“I think we’ve done the icons. I think there are good ideas to be mined from the old series, and that’s worth doing because a good idea is a good idea. But I don’t think there are any icons left, any proper ones that people really care about.

“The series have kind of merged now – the old and the new, in everyone’s view. It’s interesting that kids call him the Eleventh Doctor, not the Third Doctor. They absolutely know that this is a long, ancient series, and it’s all one show. We don’t need to grab icons from the past.”

Matt Smith begins his first adventure as the Doctor on Saturday, 3rd April at 6.20pm on BBC One – is it the start of a new era with fewer character references to the classic series?


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