Moffat on Multi Doctor

Speaking to Digital Spy recently, Steven Moffat has revealed his thoughts on doing a multi-incarnation Doctor Who story as the series approaches its 50th year in 2013.

Steven With expectations that the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, will still be in the TARDIS in three years time, the matter of getting surving past Doctors involved could nevetheless be difficult. But what does the man we christened “The Grand Moff” think of multi-Doctor stories – after all, he did bring us Time Crash with David Tennant and Peter Davison back in 2007…

“It’s slightly difficult to do them all now. I’m not against it but I think as a gimmick it outlives its usefulness quite fast.” He said.

Moffat continued, “Doing Time Crash with 8 minutes of Peter and David was about right. If you have a really good story that motors on the fact that this is one man experiencing the same adventure at several different points of his life, that would be worth doing. But you can’t do a special or an episode as a reunion party. That’s not a story, that’s a party; nothing wrong with parties but they’re not great fun to watch. But with a really good story, yes.”

See the rest of the interview as part of Digital Spy’s Wholapalooza celebration of the return of Doctoor Who.


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