New TARDIS Interior News

TARDIS interior?Other than this image, news of the new TARDIS interior has been vague – but a superb article in the Telegraph today reveals a few secrets about Season 31 (or Series 5, 1 or fnarg) of Doctor Who in 2010 – including a description of the new interior of the TARDIS!

Viewers and the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) won’t get to see the repaired TARDIS interior until late in episode one, The Eleventh Hour – but it is apparently three times the size of the previous interior, and was made necessary by the destruction of the previous interior.

Remarkably, the interior has multiple levels – an upstairs, a middle (main) section with a transparent plastic floor and even a downstairs, fully equipped with a swing, which was glimpsed in the New Year’s Day trailer on the BBC website.

Polished copper apparently adorns the walls, which the central column features a blown glass decoration and seating is in the shape of old car seats.

There’s even a nod to the past – the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS, to be precise, with an old TV screen on an extendable trellis, with a 1980s computer keyboard and the curious addition of a trumpet speaker!

Of course these are just words – we won’t see the full glory of the TARDIS interior just yet, but in the meantime, we can let our imaginations run wild!


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