Straight Jack?

Captain Jack Harkness actor John Barrowman has reacted passionately to rumours in the US that a Stateside production or co-production of Torchwood would make his character straight.

John Barrowman as Captain Jack HarknessBarrowman’s character is famously unchoosy about the person he’s going to sleep with – providing they’re attractive. Let’s face it, there are plenty of straight action heroes.

“I hope wherever [the franchise] goes that the show stays the same,” said the actor.

“The last thing I would want would be for Jack to become this heterosexual, straight hero. He’s an omnisexual guy. He likes men, women, aliens, whatever. I think we should continue going down that route.”

Would Russell T Davies sacrifice this element of Jack’s personality? That is the question.

As for the return of Torchwood – in whatever capacity – it seems that the intention is that wherever the show is made, Captain Jack Harkness will remain an integral part of it.

“Julie has said, as has Russell, that there will be no Torchwood without John Barrowman as Capt. Jack,” he says. “If I am asked to do Torchwood again, I will do it at the drop of a hat — whether it’s in America or back in Britain or if it’s for a film. I absolutely love Capt. Jack.”

However, as we previously reported, beyond a Russell T Davies US Torchwood pilot script commissioned by Fox, there is very little movement on any form of fourth series.

(Via Digital Spy)


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