The Doctor and Time

Doctor Who Executive Producer and lead writer Steven Moffat has revealed his thoughts on how the Doctor’s status as a Time Lord affects his relationship with time itself.

Steven MoffatWhile The Grand Moff recognises that he has used time travel in clever ways in previous scripts (such as Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace), he is aware that it shouldn’t be a dominating aspect of an episodes plot.

“However, I do think it should happen more often and reinforce the fact he has an odd relationship with time.

“For example, no one is ever dead to him. He can’t say ‘I knew Winston Churchill’, he’d say ‘I know Winston Churchill’. Everyone in the whole universe is still alive to him and he has no sense of time passing. I find that all fascinating.

This is an interesting observation – the matter of tense is important, and while in the past the Doctor might refer to famous people from history in the past tense, you always got the feeling he could nip off and see them when he felt like it.

Steven Moffat is also very aware that he is a different sort of writer to predecessor Russell T Davies – something that is likely to shape the overall series under his stewardship.

“If you look at the stories I’ve written so far I suppose I might be slightly more at the fairy-tale and Tim Burton end of Doctor Who, whereas Russell is probably more at the blockbuster and Superman end of the show.”

Remember kids – bigger doesn’t mean better…


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