Two of a Kind

The Doctor and Amy - two of a kind?Amy Pond and the Eleventh Doctor are “two of a kind” says new companion actress Karen Gillan – the new stars of Doctor Who are both playing “lost” characters she told the Telegraph in a great feature that appears on the website of the popular daily paper today.

Interviewed during the shooting of first episode The Eleventh Hour in October (season 31 has been filmed out of sequence), Gillan feels that Amy and Matt Smith’s Doctor are a pair of outsiders who come together for adventure…

‘They’re two of a kind. They’re both a bit lost,’ she says. ‘Because Amy has no parents, she’s this Scottish girl in an English village. So they’re both lost souls that have found each other. And they both have a sense of adventure about them, and I think that’s what the Doctor loves about Amy.

She has that spirit in her, and that fire. She keeps him on his toes.’

Whatever the reason for their bond, we’re sure to find out through the course of the series.

The article features other information about The Eleventh Hour, stuff you might known (such as the destruction of the sonic screwdriver) as well as stuff you might not (the name of the alien menace in the first episode (the Atraxi, “an orbiting crowd of thuggish galactic policemen.”)

Matt Smith – interviewed in February – seems very happy with the result of The Eleventh Hour.

‘I think episode one has a lovely fairytale quality to it, which is a credit to Steven. I think it’s quite filmic, actually, and has a great story,’ he says. And then, almost in a whisper, he adds, ‘It’s a good start for us.’


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