Who is the Eleventh Doctor?

Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor - but who is the Eleventh Doctor?We all know by now that Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor (and if you don’t, you’ve had one hell of a holiday) – but who is the Eleventh Doctor?

Doctor Who returns early in April 2010 with a new production team, new TARDIS exterior and interior design and a new companion – but most important is the Doctor himself, who we’ve so far only seen in brief trailer clips. Other than Matt Smith’s remarkable voice, we know very little.

A recent article in the Telegraph compares Smith’s Eleventh Doctor two a few of his predecessors, based set visits by the reporter concerned.

“Less prickly than Eccleston and without the slapstick of Tennant, he brings an air of muddled intensity that’s a bit reminiscent of, say, Tom Baker (though without the stripy scarf).”

New Executive Producer (foxy) Beth Willis meanwhile believes that Matt Smith a whole new quality to the Doctor.

‘You will be sitting there watching the rushes and Matt will do something and you’ll think, “Ooh, I haven’t seen the Doctor do that before” – and that is really exciting. It would be dreadful if he was going on and trying to do an impression of David.’

We’ll leave the last word on this matter to the Doctor himself – Matt Smith, who doesn’t dwell on the differences.

‘If you analyse it in that way, it ceases to be spontaneous and momentary,’ he says. ‘Ask me in nine months’ time, when it’s on TV.’

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