Amy Pond – Feisty or Insane?

Karen Gillan is Amy Pond in Doctor WhoIs the most important element of Doctor Who the new star, Matt Smith, or showrunner Steven Moffat? That’s the subject of a weekend article in The Guardian, which begins with a reasonable precis of his predecessors from Verity Lambert all the way to Russell T Davies.

The point of the article is how Moffat’s presence might shape Doctor Who – with the intimation that Moffat’s vision of Doctor Who might not be as scary as some people expect.

There are a few interesting observations along the way from writer Daniel Martin, not least his comparison between new Doctor Who companion Amy Pond and Lynda Day, Julia Sawalha’s neurotic newspaper editor in Moffat’s Press Gang.

We can expect more mischief – and indeed, Amy Pond has more than a touch of Moffat’s brilliant Press Gang creation, Lynda Day, about her, being not so much “fiesty” as borderline insane.

As we’ve already seen Amy Pond talking into a pretend police radio and know that she bit at least 3 of her 4 psychiatrists, she’s certainly an unknown quantity and an interesting new addition to the pantheon of in Doctor Who companions…


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