Amy SuperPond?

There is a good interview on with Amy Pond actress Karen Gillan, in which the Doctor Who star chats about skirt length, Amy’s relationship with the Doctor (Matt Smith) and a bit more.

Of particular interest is the line of question concerning the development of previous primary companions since 2005.

Karen Gillan stars in Doctor WhoFor those of you who might have forgotten, since meeting the Doctor, Rose Tyler swallowed the power of the time vortex to defeat Daleks, Martha Jones spent a year wandering the Earth, Donna’s wiped memory could cause shockwaves as a way of protecting her from remembering her meta-crisis and of course Captain Jack Harkness became immortal.

When asked if there was any chance of this happening to her character, Gillan replied:

Ooh, I don’t know. I think that she definitely changes a lot, a lot, a lot, over the course of this series. I don’t know. It would be quite fun, wouldn’t it?

But I mean, I like her. I like the relationship between the Doctor and Amy, and it always scares to think that it might finish. And that’s what always seems to happen when they become superheroes. Suddenly their memory gets wiped or something.

Read the full interview on – but watch out for spoilers!


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