City of the Daleks – First Impression

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

Release of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is still several weeks away, but the game – available for free from the BBC website from June 5th – is highly anticipated, with fans already swooning at the designation of the 4 installments as parts of  the current series, effectively making it 17 episodes long!

First impressions of the game – still in the pre-release stage – are good.

With voice acting from Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the Doctor and Amy, Nick Briggs as the Daleks and TV Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards as various other characters, the overall visual design by the team at Sumo Digital in Sheffield is remarkable, offering fans the first look at Skaro!

The Daleks are naturally a huge presence and in their varied colour, new series guide, they offer a considerable threat.

City of the Daleks takes the Doctor and Amy from Earth to Skaro and beyond, offering a set of challenges from creeping past Daleks to hacking into computers with the sonic screwdriver. There are of course no guns – the Doctor is non-violent, and it is this approach which gives the game the most uniquely geneuine feeling of being connected to Doctor Who in a way Dalek Attack! and Destiny of the Doctors were unable to achieve in the 1990s.

Controlled by mouse and keyboard, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games mixes 3D third person perspective immersive landscapes (not to mention collectable artefacts) with 2D puzzles, requiring a mix of skills which the BBC hopes will unify families around the PC or Mac in much the same way they have been unified watching Doctor Who on TV.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is also scalable depending on your PC spec, and will run on Pentium systems, although the final specs have yet to be released.

We’ll have a full review of the game upon release, and we’ve LOADS of interview material to come between now and then!


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