Crack in a Door

Doctor Who guest star Alex Kingston has revealed how she watched the series as a little girl – through a crack in a door…

Alex Kingston, currently guest starring in Doctor WhoKingston – the enigmatic River Song in the series – revealed that she is scared of Daleks and even as a grown woman has flashbacks to some Daleks in the London Underground (which we can only suppose is 1972’s Day of the Daleks as the actress is too young to clearly remember the 1964 serial Dalek Invasion of Earth…)

“I used to watch Doctor Who through a crack in the door,” she said. “I would drive my mother crazy because she would just say, ‘Oh, turn it off if you get so scared!’ but no, no, I want to watch it. But that’s children. That’s how you learn to conquer your fears and things by sort of safely putting yourself into that thrill zone.”

Kingston returns as River Song in Flesh and Stone the second half of the current two-part adventure this Saturday at 6.25pm on BBC One.


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