Doctor Who Game Screenshots

News this week of an upcoming Doctor Who videogame for PC and Mac has been received with considerable excitement – the mainstream and gaming press have all feverishly reported this development.

Initial images were good enough to fool us into thinking that onscreen Cybermen had lost the Cybus logo, and as you can see from the following screenshots (visit the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site) the quality of design of the in-game worlds looks fantastic.

[nggallery id=5]

Details of required system specs are unavailable as yet – all we know so far is that the games will be free (courtesy of the licence fee) and for the PC/Windows Game platform and Mac.

Simon Nelson, head of BBC multiplatform in Vision:

“A few years ago, we couldn’t have dreamt of commissioning such an innovative form of drama. By integrating the creation of these ‘interactive episodes’ with the development of the TV series, we’ve been able to create amazing two-hour dramas, in which you control the action.

“We’ve all imagined what it would be like to come face to face with some of the universe’s most terrifying monsters – now, viewers can find out for themselves.

We can’t wait!


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