Doctor Who Tour

BritMovieTours is a company that offers tours of locations used in popular British franchises, from the Harry Potter series to James Bond – and now they’re offering a Doctor Who Tour!

For £75 (£62 for kids) the tour begins beside the police box in Earls Court Underground station (Earls Court Road Exit), the Doctor Who tour takes in many of the key locations used since filming began in and around Cardiff in 2005, as well as visiting the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff.

The Doctor Who tour takes fans to Leadworth, home of Amy PondTour highlights include

* Find the entrance to the Hub used by Captain Jack in Torchwood
* Come face to face with Daleks, Cybermen, Sontaran and see costumes worn by Martha Jones, Captain Jack and Donna Noble and the Doctor himself at the Doctor Who exhibition
* See the department store that Rose Tyler worked at
* Avoid the reapers as we visit the church where the Doctor and Rose seek safety
* Visit the village featured as the home of Amy Pond in The Eleventh Hour, and take part in re-enacting one of those scenes
* Watch new and old episodes of Doctor Who featuring William Hartnell, Tom Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith as we travel between London and Cardiff
* Visit the church where Donna Noble is about to get married in The Runaway Bride
* See the actual graffiti that warned Rose Tyler about Bad Wolf

Meanwhile you can plan your own outings and even an entire tour of Doctor Who locations in Wales thanks to this great Doctor Who in Wales interactive map feature on the BBC website.


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