Katy Manning on Matt Smith

Former Doctor Who companion Katy Manning has been chatting about her TV return to the Whoniverse  in The Sarah Jane Adventures – and it’s quite a chat too!

Katy Manning, Doctor Who companion Jo GrantSFX were lucky enough to speak to the lady herself at a recent read-through with Elisabeth Sladen. While Matt Smith wasn’t around for it (apparently Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat are stranded in America thanks to ash from an Icelandic volcano) it would seem likely he’s going to get a warm reception from Katy…

“He’s an absolute doll! I’ve watched Matt, and he is sensational. I really got back into Doctor Who when it restarted. Y’know, when Christopher Eccleston walked out of that box…”

At this point Katy makes a noise that defies transcription. “Hubba hubba!” might be the nearest approximation.

“… And then you’ve got the lovely David, and now that Matt. Ooh, what a little darling he is! And as an actor, y’know, lovely actor. You get it straight away. He’s really got some interesting stuff going on there.”

It’s great stuff, with a superb picture of Katy Manning with her TARDIS successor, Lis Sladen. Both actresses partnered Third Doctor Jon Pertwee during the early 1970s, with Sladen carrying on as companion to the Fourth Doctor. Manning’s character Jo Grant was believed to have travelled to the Amazon with Professor Cliff Jones following The Green Death.

Despite being out of the country for years, she’s still the same bubbly, scatterbrained Katy Manning of old – you should probably read the full interview


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