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Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the Doctor and AmyAs you might expect, coverage of the new Doctor Who series increases as we approach The Eleventh Hour – and with online, print, TV and radio outlets all fighting to outdo the others, we’re the winners here.

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen GallifreyNewsBase’s superb “Coming Up” page for spotting Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, The Grand Moff already, it makes vital reading.

So to round-up: on the BBC website, Smith shows off his concealed microphone between takes, while going on to discuss an evolution for his attire over the coming years.

“I want a coat – practically – because I get cold. And I’d quite like a hat…”

“But maybe not in every episode.”

There’s also some speculation on just how “bonkers” (as Steven Moffat has described him) his interpretation in.

“I think every person that plays it brings something new,” says Smith. “Tom Baker was pretty bonkers, so it isn’t as though there haven’t been bonkers Doctors before.

In SFX, Smith discusses his screen test and taking on the part of the Doctor, as well as the issue of age in the face of endless coverage over his relative youthfulness – something that would have happened to Peter Davison if the web had been around 29 years ago, let’s face it.

“The great thing about the Doctor is that it’s a body. It’s a vessel, essentially, and he is the same man. He always has been the same man via a load of different personalities and make-up  and limbs and everything else.

“I’m just privileged and thrilled to be playing him. To me it’s just a brilliant part.”

Meanwhile in The Telegraph, beyond stories of his mother looking after his fanmail (which as we found out in the recent Doctor Who Magazine, some is addressed to his predecessor) and Smith himself being unable to answer certain questions based on how the series will be revealed in the future (because he’s not actually a Time Lord)  there’s this little gem about how the relationship between the Doctor and Amy will develop:

“The Doctor meets Amy in quite a brilliant and beautiful way,” he says, explaining that the arrival of a Time Lord would miff any provincial boyfriend. “A romantic relationship is about balance, if it works, and the Doctor can see the balance of things tipping between Amy and Rory. He quite likes Rory, but that doesn’t stop him asserting himself as alpha male on a daily basis.”


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