New Look Daleks

The design of the new-look Daleks has been released as part of the new Radio Times cover – and it is a bit of a departure for the classic Doctor Who villains.

New Dalek in Doctor WhoA surprise redesign of the Daleks to herald the new era, this move echoes the last redesign of the fascist monsters from Skaro and while unusual on first glance it is a striking move by new series boss Steven Moffat. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) will be encountering the Daleks this weekend – both the “khaki tank” traditional model and this new model look set to appear in Victory of the Daleks.

While previous redesigns have seen minor alterations to eyestalk, headlamps and the sucker attachment (not to mention the odd change of weapon) this is the most radical overhaul since 2005 when the Daleks were increased in size and given suitably larger features.

As you can see from this image, the new Dalek has a higher skirt section, a new eyepiece and a bulkier mid-section.

Most interestingly it features an alteration to the skirt section as well – an area that has previously remained largely untouched by redesigns.

More alien or more plastic? That’s the question, and opinion here at Kasterborous Towers is firmly split right down the middle.

So – what do you think? Let is know in the comments below!


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