Victory of the Daleks Roundup

Victory of the Daleks!So – what did the world think of Victory of the Daleks? The latest episode of Doctor Who aired last Saturday night and was met with a somewhat muted response – but what was the critical impression?

Sadly, few mainstream media outlets covered the episode, with only this blog in the Guardian giving any traditional press approval, and largely focuses on the Daleks themselves.

It’s true that the repetitive thing of them always being the last ever Daleks in the universe was getting implausible. And what fun it is to impose plausibility on a show about time travel!

Which is fair enough – the episode was of course largely about the Daleks, and their resurrection (hmm, that would make a good title wouldn’t it? Resurrection of the Dal— Oh.)

SFX treated the episode to a minute-by-minute breakdown – with the overall impression of the episode being a bit flat in places, the Dalek reveal being too early and Matt Smith either being given inadequate dialogue (such as the moment when the Doctor realises the Daleks have effectively used him) or being given his predecessor’s lines (You beautayyyyy!). Him and Tom both…

Elsewhere, Den of Geek threw a decent summary of the episode up with the following:

…As a standalone Dalek episode, it’s really, really enjoyable, and deserves mention in the same breath as Rob Shearman’s Dalek. Victory isn’t quite that good… by the standards of most Dalek stories, it’s really very, very good.

The hitherto unmentioned Economic Voice curiously provided a review of Mark Gatiss’ Victory of the Daleks, with (studious looking) writer Richard Henley Davis going a little OTT:

If the quality is maintained over the this and subsequent series then Matt Smith and the creators of this show will have launched the greatest Doctor Who of all time surpassing the hallowed Tom Baker halcyon days (even though I preferred Peter Davison and Christopher Eccleston in the role).

Never in the field of Sci-Fi and family entertainment has so much been owed to so few by so many.


Victory of the Daleks!The revelation of the last few weeks in online review terms has been This time around they’ve featured two reviews, with the following chunk from John Bensalhia:

The Daleks’ main bait is a robot inventor called Bracewell. There are definite shades of Lesterson from Power Of The Daleks here. Both are slightly bumbling, bespectacled boffin types who are used by the Daleks as pawns in their own game. Bracewell claims to have invented the Daleks, calling them the Ironsides. Presumably, that means that out in the galaxy, Cybermen are masquerading as Macgyvers; Sontarans are posing as Columbos and the Megara are now going by the name of Perry Mason.

A nice observation – but the prize for the neatest set of observations goes to the lovely MaryAnn Johanson of FlickFilosopher, back reviewing Doctor Who episodes in her own inimitable manner. She ponders the following:

And Winston prompts other questions, too: Which Doctors has Winston met before, and when?

…there’s more to bother Amy…  How he shushes her when she suggests he listen to Bracewell because he’s “a Scottish genius.” How he calls her “Amelia” when he gets annoyed with her (like her aunt probably does!). How he tells her “You’re not helping” later, with her red wire/blue wire nonsense.

…is this new Doctor always going to be late? He made Amy wait 14 years, and Winston only a month…

Bracewell has got to come back, hasn’t he? He could even return in a story set in the distant future, couldn’t he? I mean, he’s a robot — he won’t age…

Each of these are very interesting points. All in all some good reviews – nothing raves about the episode, with its various weaknesses quickly identified, but there are strengths to the Victory of the Daleks


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