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There is a fascinating commentary on the redesign of the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website available online on the main BBC Blogs page.

BBC Official Doctor Who site revampesApparently with a simple brief – ‘make the site the no.1 destination to experience the world of Doctor Who, past, present and future’ – the team behind the Official Doctor Who site have a tricky task on their hands before they even get to fulfilling that brief (an impossible task due to international rights issues).

While the new site has apparently been styled to fit in with the rest of the BBC website:

“…we have looked to… use these new design principles across the Doctor Who site.”

Responses from other readers of the blog suggest that many are unhappy with some of the changes – not least the apparent lack of compatibility with PC browsers.

It seems that as with many things, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Despite the rather splendid redesign that is less graphics intensive – and as such less bandwidth intensive – not everyone is happy.

While the appearance of the new Doctor Who pages on the BBC website is pretty much what you would expect on a Mac, there does seem to be a lack of “compatible thinking”. The large text segments simply don’t look as good on a PC as they might have done at the design stage – something that leads us down the “BBC are in love with Apple” path.

This is a claim that has been repeated many times over the past 3 years, from iPlayer’s initial compatibility on mobile platforms being limited to the (then new) iPhone to the BBC falling over themselves to provide coverage of the iTray iPad upon its recent release. Regardless of how easy they are to use, the majority of users in the UK are using PCs. Some elementary cross-platform testing would resolve these criticisms of what is otherwise a spiffing looking site.

What do you think? Has the team behind the new site misfired? Leave your comments below.


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