American Who-athon; American Who Delay

ChicagoNow has reported that US subscriber network BBC America is planning a small-scale “marathon” of Doctor Who next weekend: Saturday, May 29th and Sunday, May 30th.

Doctor Who - Amy's Choice set for BBC America delayIn BBC America’s recent past, the network has reaped considerable benefits from airing Doctor Who marathons prior to massive premiere events.  The two-day celebration of David Tennant’s career in early January leading up to The End of Time: Part Two gave the programme the necessary amount of attention for Doctor Ten’s regeneration to provide BBC America with its at-the-time highest-rated night ever, sporting over a million viewers.  A slightly smaller-scale marathon occurred the day of The Eleventh Hour‘s American premiere, which rendered an even better 1.2 million, the channel’s current all-time record.

But in next week’s case, the “marathon” (note that I’m still using quotes) carries with it a few negative side-effects for American fans.  According to BBC America’s TV Schedule for May 29th through May 31st, the two-day run, instead of displaying many back-to-back episodes from a series that certainly has a trove of stories to choose from, will consist of only the first six episodes from Matt Smith’s Season 31… aired 3 times over the course Saturday and Sunday, interrupted with a brief stint of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Top Gear.  Also, this particular run, instead of concluding with a brand-new episode in the manner of the network’s recent successful Who marathons, opts to carry over into an extended set of the inferior and considerably less-British Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Unfortunately, because the marathon does not conclude with a new episode, the Kasterborous-acclaimed Amy’s Choice will not premiere on May 29th, but on June 5th, placing American Whovians yet another week out of sync with the British audience.

Nonetheless, if you’re a stateside viewer and discover yourself in good enough humor to throw yourself a six-hour Doctor Who party (and let’s be honest – who wouldn’t want to?), you’ve got three chances to do so:  May 29th at 8PM, and May 30th at 2AM and 2PM, eastern time.

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