Amy’s Scary Romp

Amy’s Choice writer Simon Nye has chatted with Digital Spy this week about his Doctor Who episode, which the Men Behaving Badly writer describes as “a scary romp.”

Doctor Who - the Dream LordThere is certainly alot to be gained from the interview which in some ways is a little spoilery. Certainly with Toby Jones as the Dream Lord seemingly controlling events and the Doctor, Amy and Rory unable to work out where they are, the episode looks like quite a treat…

“Well, that’s the thing they have to work out. There’s the Dream Lord, this lord of misrule who taunts them with these two versions of the future. One is the next day and one is in five years. The reality that follows on from the Venice episode is as mad or madder than the one in the future, so they can’t work out which is the real world. In one of the realities they’re stuck in the TARDIS and drifting towards a cold, burning star.”

It seems on first glance to be quite a diversion from Men Behaving Badly or Reggie Perrin – and Nye is quick to play down his sci-fi credentials. Yet both of those comedies feature surreal moments that would seem more than a suitable grounding for such a fascinating episode.

Visit Digital Spy to read the full interview – meanwhile, catch Amy’s Choice, starring Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory and Toby Jones as the Dream Lord on Saturday, 15th May at 6.25pm on BBC One.


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