Doctor Who: Ongoing #10 have reviewed of part two of four of Don’t Step on the Grass, from the Ongoing Tenth Doctor IDW comic book serial.

Doctor Who Ongoing #10The series under the penmanship of Tony Lee (X-Men Unlimited, Spiderman) and with art by Blair Shedd – who makes his debut with this serial – sees Tennant’s Doctor called back to Modern day London by Martha Jones and U.N.I.T to come face to face with the Enochian Clockwork Angels of Elizabethan Magician John Dee and vengeful living trees of Greenwich Park.

The review looks at the differences in writing the Tenth Doctors patented speedy patter for away from television.

“His Doctor, in moments of climactic drama, speaks quickly. The tempo of his language amplifies the tension.

“In comics, all that translates to is a lot of words on a page, which slows the narrative down instead of speeding it up. Comics are not television, as this issue so aptly shows.”

IDW Publishing (Idea and Design Publishing) are an American publishers who specialise in comics based on TV and Film franchises. They currently produce Star Trek, Angel and Transformer comics.

The series is commonly known either as Ongoing or Doctor Who: Ongoing and is the first continuous serial of Doctor Who ever published, rather than stand alone episodes or reprints of Classic Who comics which have featured the work of writers and artists such as Dave Gibbons and Grant Morrison. The series is set sometime after The Planet of the Dead.

A new monthly series Final Sacrifice due to start on the 8th July is expected to run until issue #16 when the much anticipated arrival of the Eleventh Doctor is due at the end of 2010

For the full review head over to If you are interested in the continuing adventures of Tennant’s Doctor you can either purchase the first and second parts from for $3.99 an issue or pick up Vol:1 Fugitive, which collects issues 1-6 for $19.99 – alternatively, look for IDW Doctor Who comics by Tony Lee on Amazon.

Editor’s Note

We previously intimated that distinctive artist Blair Shedd was involved in the upcoming Eleventh Doctor adventures; this is in fact not the case. The image we previously linked to was a one-off convention piece created without charge as a fund-raiser for the Make A Wish Foundation charity – 100% of the proceeds went to the charity, and Shedd’s rendition of the Eleventh Doctor and Amy is not approved by the BBC, nor does it represent anything that IDW has planned.

Thanks to Tony Lee and Blair Shedd for clarifying these facts, and apologies for any confusion this may have caused.


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