Don’t Worry – It Won’t Bite…

If you’re not aware that the world is currently facing the severe threat of being conquered by swarms of imaginary vampires from the fiery depths of mainstream media, then you must have recently been out and about in some TARDIS and accidentally returned a few years too late.

Doctor Who Vampires in SFX specialNot to worry!  SFX Magazine has you covered – this week they release a logic-defyingly enormous vampire special package (aptly entitled the SFX Vampires Special), featuring a swarm of free non-Who-related gifts waiting for the lucky buyer.

The 132-page issue of SFX itself that one will find inside the bundle after what sounds like lots of digging through vampire-related posters, coasters, and even a 100-page book full of classic vampire stories, sports five of the lovely fang-bearing fish ladies from The Vampires of Venice in all their glory on the cover, as well as

“Doctor Who exclusive, with Toby Whithouse explaining the process behind writing The Vampires Of Venice for Matt Smith’s first series. And yes, we know they weren’t really vampires, but do we care? They looked great and had very long teeth.”

The SFX package also includes four Being Human (also written by Whithouse) coasters, one of which features an image of one of the programme’s central performers, Russell Tovey, who is widely known in the Whoniverse as Midshipman Frame in Voyage of the Damned and The End of Time.

So, in order to shell out £7.99 for this sea of consumed blood, you have to be a collector of everything SFX, a massive vampire enthusiast, or a Doctor Who fan who happens to be particularly curious about Toby Whithouse’s writing style and wants a lovely picture of five sexy, saber-tooth vampire women to pin up on his or her wall.  Or maybe you, like Jack Harkness before you, just happen to find Russell Tovey mildly attractive.

You can find out more here.

Patrick Riley


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