Early Scares?

Well, this one was signposted as soon as the rescheduling of The Vampires of Venice was announced, placing Doctor Who at its earliest start time for 30+ years – the Daily Mail are already doing a bad impersonation of Mary Whitehouse.

Declaring that:

During the 1970s terrified children would hide behind the sofa in a bid to escape the Daleks.

But these days Doctor Who fans have a lot more to be frightened of than a slow moving piece of tin.

…the Daily Mail clearly haven’t the faintest idea what they’re talking about. Doctor Who was already scary for children, whether Daleks, Ice Warriors, Cybermen, the Master and his Tissue Compression Eliminator, half-man/half-Dalek Davros or even the Doctor being freeze-framed drowned at the end of The Deadly Assassin part 3.

The Vampires of Venice in Doctor Who - scary?But no, noticing that there is little or no resistance to the length of Amy Pond’s skirts, they’re going for the Doctor Who jugular – scares.

Given that Vampires of Venice has been rescheduled so that the following show – There’s Something About Joseph Over The Rainbow or something – doesn’t get shafted in the ratings by Britain’s Got Talent.

So – vampires in Doctor Who too early at 6pm?

“…as the aliens get ever more inventive, parents are sure to question whether their children can handle the excitement.”

That’s right – the revolutionary new menace of vampires! It’s almost as if they could have shot to pulp literary success much earlier – perhaps the 19th century – such is the whole romantic and classical concept of the immortal plasmovore…

As far as I was aware – and correct me if I’m wrong – but one of the main reasons children watch Doctor Who is to be, well, scared.

There’s a General Election this week – it’s not like it could possibly be a slow news day – so what exactly are the Daily Mail on about? Vampires are pretty  much de rigeur these days on TV (and read this to see why Doctor Who has a special relationship with such creatures…) so could this be the beginning of an anti-Who campaign by a newspaper sniffing a BBC-cutting Conservative victory?


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