Gaiman’s Fairytale

Speaking to the BBC News website about his script in the next series of Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman has responsed to the recent criticism by fellow fantasy author Terry Pratchett.

Pratchett, as guest editor of SFX Magazine, recently described elements of Doctor Who as “ludicrous” – although his argument was fair enough, it was taken a little bit out of context by the mainstream media.

Doctor Who writers - Richard Curtis, Steven Moffat, Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman, himself a popular fantasy writer with titles such as Neverwhere and Stardust, has a different view.

“Doctor Who has never pretended to be hard science fiction.

“At best Doctor Who is a fairytale, with fairytale logic about this wonderful man in this big blue box who at the beginning of every story lands somewhere where there is a problem…”

To date, Gaiman’s Doctor Who script remains untitled, but is set for filming in August. As you can see from this picture (posted by Gaiman on Twitter last week) where he is snapped alongside Steven Moffat and Richard Curtis, although the script is on show, his fingers are hiding the title…

…and does the presence of Richard Curtis indicate another script from the Vincent and the Doctor writer?


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