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New contributor Helen Calder reviews the End of Time Journal of Impossible Things and Masters Ring set.

The set features two items familiar to fans not just from The End of Time but from previous Tenth Doctor stories. It’s a nice idea to package up mementos of the Tenth Doctor but these two make odd bedfellows. They’re very different objects and appeal to very different fans. These are toys and not meant to please the adult fan and that’s a pity because there is definitely a market for quality memorabilia out there.

Doctor Who - Journal of Impossible ThingsMeanwhie, the Master’s ring is plastic and adjustable. It looks remarkably good from a distance and from up close would please most under 10s and even some teenagers. My daughter (7 years old) and her friends love it and she has had plenty of play value from it.

The Journal of Impossible things looks exactly right and the outside of the faux leather binding even feels pretty good. It’s a bit smaller than the real thing but that will hardly matter to kids. Opening it is a a little disappointing as it blows the illusion of the leather binding when you see the fabric back. The 78 printed pages are beautifully detailed with handwritten notes and drawings in faded brown ink. It looks perfect until you try to read the writing. Between the quality of the handwriting, the circular and disjointed nature of the content, and the faded look it’s very hard to actually read. But perhaps this is part of the point. Something like this should be hard to read. It should be a mystery to be deciphered. This would be perfect for the teen aged fan who’s willing to invest a little time in it but it’s really not suitable for most younger children as they’re bound to be disappointed by how much work is involved.

And there’s my only big criticism of the set. The two parts do not go together. The younger children that would delight in the ring would lack the patience for the journal and anyone who has the patience for the journal would find the ring disappointingly plasticky. On the other hand if you have two children, one 6-10 and the other 11-15 then this set will delight both of them.

Available for the last few months since release of The End of Time, you can pickup your own Journal of Impossible Things and Masters Ring set for just £9.99 on Amazon!


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