Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate

New from Obverse Books this month is Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate, in which the time travelling character created by Paul Magrs appears in four novellette-length stories by Stuart Douglas, Nick Wallace, Jim Smith and Cody Schell.

Obverse Books broadens the scope of storytelling. Not only do each of these four stories stretch to novellette length, (a first for an Obverse Books collection), but the collection takes the opportunity to explore the bizarre worlds that exist around Iris Wildthyme even after she’s left the party.

Spanning a full century, this collection is split into a quartet of stories:

Miss Wildthyme & Friends InvestigatesThe first story, “The Found World” features Professor George Challenger, a character who previously appeared in such Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories as “The Poison Belt”, and “The Disintegration Machine”. Jim Smith, author of the Bernice Summerfield audio “The Adventure of the Diogenes Damsel” (which featured another of Doyle’s creatures, Mycroft Holmes) presents an untold tale of this fascinating and infamously confounding character described by Doyle as “just a homicidal megalomaniac with a turn for science”. World war has commenced for the first time in history, and the government need Challenger’s team to return to their Lost World. Meanwhile, a drunken Iris Wildthyme runs The Tradesman’s Entrance and a peculiar bottle turns up in the Amazonian mud…

After an initial appearance in Paul Magrs’ “The Delightful Bag”, the Manleigh Halt Irregulars return for a longer visit. The MHI consist of Miss Clarissa Miller, feisty Edwardian journalist and investigator, her two indefagatible policemen helpers and the mysterious old man, Dogberry – and the unstabkle, time jumping police station they inhabit. A new adventure of the Manleigh Halt Irregulars, “The Irredeemable Love Connection”, is written by Nick Wallace, author and editor for the Bernice Summerfield range as well as the acclaimed final Eighthth Doctor BBC novel Fear Itself. Across the wilds of Britain, the MHI team hunt a strange yellow bottle, with fearsome consequences!

Scientist, musician, explorer, masked wrestler: Señor 105 will be familiar to readers of the Celestial Omnibus as Mexico’s caretaker of the unknown. Defending his homeland from threats domestic and alien, somehow the major world powers don’t quite take the luchador’s claims seriously. Not since the incident with the Cactus People. With his Parisian companion Sheila at his side, Señor 105 invites a diverse group of people to a dinner party held on the Day of the Dead. Each of these guests owes him a favor and he is collecting on their promises to attain a mysterious objective. In “Elementary, my dear Sheila” by Cody Schell, a murder sets in motion a series of events that leads this group on an adventure through a strange underground city full of even stranger travelers, some more familiar than others, including one very close to his heart.

Iris Wildthyme, Pan-spatial Daredevil-trix, and her best friend Panda need no introduction. However, they may need a stiff drink to tackle the challenge of solving the mystery of the mysterious perfume bottle. The first Iris story of this length in eight years, “The Shape of Things” is revealed in this concluding story by Stuart Douglas.

Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate will be available from Obverse Books in an attractive hardcover edition, featuring the distinctive cover artwork of Bret Herholz, author of “The Adventures of Polly and Handgraves: A Sinister Aura”.

To pre-order, visit: www.obversebooks.co.uk

Miss Wildthyme & Friends Investigate is due for publication on 31 May 2010!

(Thanks to Stuart)



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