Moffat on Post-Humans

The Grand Moff is in da house at, where the Doctor Who Executive Producer discusses his stewardship of the Whoniverse.

Steven Moffat, The Grand Moff of Doctor WhoThere is absolutely loads to get through – its a great interview, quite exhaustive in some ways, but one thing thta is particularly interesting is Moffat’s feelings about the “post human” character development of Rose in Series 1/Season 27 in 2005 and Donna in Series 4/Season 30 in 2008.

You will recall that in Bad Wolf, Rose Tyler became controlled by the Heart of the TARDIS and used the power of the Time Vortex to dispel the threat of the Daleks; in Journey’s End, Donna became exposed to a TimeLord/Human meta-crisis and dispelled the threat of the Daleks.

It seems that Steven Moffat sees a problem with “powering up” the companion – the person with whom the audience usually identifies with. 

I think it’s a danger. Because I think you’d lose the person to whom the story is happening if you did that. You want them, in a way, in a very basic way, to be your representative in the TARDIS, experiencing the story as you would experience it. The Doctor is extraordinary enough. Do we need other extraordinary people? I think anyone who agrees to go aboard the TARDIS is clearly a bit of a loony, but aside from that, you want it to be ordinary, recognizable people.

Of course, at this point we don’t know who the current series is going to end… In the meantime, don’t miss this very interesting interview!


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