Rory’s Choice

In advance of the next episode of Doctor Who, Amy’s Choice, Rory actor Arthur Darvill has chatted with SFX magazine about playing Amy’s boyfriend.

Doctor Who - Amy's ChoiceAlongside some lightly spoilery material – the interview features some insight by Arthur into the relationship between the three travellers – there is also some amusing stuff such as Darvill describing his mum’s reaction to his casting, as well as his pleasure at working with Matt Smith again.

However, this is our favourite bit:

How does Rory take to life at the Doctor’s side?

“Rory’s always trying to prove to Amy that he can be a man and be exciting, but the Doctor is the most exciting person that exists. There’s a strange dynamic between the three of them because Amy’s been obssessed with the Doctor throughout the whole of her life. When Rory says, ‘You used to make me dress up as him,’ that’s true – she really did, and I think part of the reason that Rory becomes a nurse is that he’s the closest thing he can get to being a doctor.

With all that “dressing up as the Doctor” business, is there a part of you that suspects that was brought into the bedroom?

“No comment! [laughs] You can make your own assumptions…”

Amy’s Choice stars Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory and Toby Jones as the Dream Lord. Written by Simon Nye, you can catch it on BBC One and BBC HD on Saturday, 15th May at 6.25


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