Sexed Up Pond?

Doctor Who supporting cast member Arthur Darville – he plays Amy Pond’s fiancée
Rory – as been interviewed in advance of his appearance in the next few episodes of the series.

The Doctor and RoryFlesh and Stone closed with the Doctor promising to “sort out” Amy Pond – and the next time trailer saw him picking up Rory to transport the young lovers through time for a romantic weekend in Venice.

With Rory in the TARDIS, what better time to speak to Darville – as WalesOnline have – about the recent press reaction to Karen Gillan’s short skirt and her attempts to seduce the Doctor at the end of the last episode?

“It’s so funny to read about all of this ‘sexing-up of Doctor Who’ scandal when really she couldn’t be less like that if she tried.

“Obviously she’s completely lovely but she’s off in her own world half the time really. She’s no femme fatale, that’s for sure!”

As we all knew, it really is just a storm in a teacup. Not like the British press to blow things out of proportion, now is it? It’s an interesting interview actually, in which Darville also reveals how much he likes working with Matt Smith and Gillan.

Rory joins the TARDIS team for The Vampires of Venice, next Saturday, 8th May at the earlier time of 6pm, on BBC One.


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