SFX Gets Cold-Blooded

Cold Blood fever is spreading contagiously as the buildup for the next episode begins to swallow the ‘net like the crack in Amy’s wall!  SFX, for example, has apparently seen the episode, and is now speaking in riddles with an eleven-point preview (spoiler-free?) published on the site yesterday.

Doctor Who - Cold BloodSome of the most interesting features of the episode may include, according to SFX, the fulfillment of a prophecy, the repitition of history through an event that was apparently initially quite memorable, and references to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide and a former Doctor’s vegetable.

A few pictures from the episode are included with the preview: one of two male Silurians; one of the Doctor, Amy, and Mo Northover the nightwatchman held at gunpoint by the reptiles while Neve McIntosh’s character faces what looks like the Slytherin dining table; and one of Rory possibly serving a meal to Alaya (incidentally, would a Silurian eat corn-on-the-cob?).

The article also offers…

“Some advice: don’t go out in the sun and tape this one to watch later. Stay in and watch it live.”

Apparently Chris Chibnall and the Grand Moff have big plans for this episode.  SFX goes on to suggest that Cold Blood

“[is] much, much better than the first part. Though that’s largely due to stunning developments in the arc plot, not the Silurian storyline.”

Blogtor Who, which also seems to have seen the episode, posted a tweet earlier today that boldly states:

“Last 7 mins of COLD BLOOD might be this series’ equivalent of the climax of UTOPIA”

In the same tweet, Blogtor Who links a review of the episode at Total Sci-Fi Online that this news contributor has not read, for fear of spoiling himself prior to experiencing what will apparently be an important, series-arc-heavy story.

With more Silurians than this show has ever seen before (although that’s not saying much), a reportedly not-to-be-missed conclusion, and that tray of food Rory’s holding making me hungrier by the second, it looks like we’ve got a fantastic three-quarters of an hour to look forward to when Cold Blood airs this Saturday at 7PM on BBC One!

Outpost Skaro have a preview of the episode – its certainly spoilerific, so tread carefully (signup required.)

You can also take a look at a preview of the episode from Kasterborous’s own James Whittington by going this way.

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