The Life of a Giant Warrior Lizard Chick

Neve McIntosh, the self-described “giant warrior lizard chick” from tonight’s The Hungry Earth and next week’s Cold Blood, provided an interview published yesterday to ReelScotland in which she discussed how it felt to be on the Doctor Who set in reptile makeup when the cameras weren’t rolling:

Doctor Who Silurian actress Neve McIntosh

“Well, slightly but after [the prostethics have] been on for a little while and you get sunk into it, it’s like you just forget it’s there. I’d just be standing laughing and joking around with all the guys off-set. One time when Arthur [Darvill], who plays Rory in it, was at our hotel and I was like ‘hi, how are you?’ and he was just looking at me blankly. I was like ‘he’s being a bit odd’, and then he came over and he was like ‘I’m really sorry. It’s Neve, isn’t it?’

“He didn’t recognise me of course, with all the make-up on! I was just chatting away.”

It’s certainly not very difficult to picture Arthur Darvill’s above-described reaction as sporting the same bewildered face worn by Rory upon first meeting the Doctor in The Eleventh Hour.  I suppose it goes to show that, in Darvill’s case, the casting directors knew what they were doing by hiring an actor with similar personality traits to his character!

You can find more excellent prosthetic makeup anecdotes from McIntosh as well as interesting discussions on the new series Silurians and their relation to the classic ones, the possibility of the Silurians returning to Doctor Who post-Cold Blood,  and the infamous “Scottish agenda” by absorbing her massive, fact-packed, slightly spoilery interview on ReelScotland.

And if you want to see more of Neve’s acting flair, look no further than next week’s Cold Blood, written by Chris Chibnall, on Saturday, May 29th, at 7PM!

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